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Terms and condition of office setup

You need to know the terms and condition while accessing the setup please do not use the setup when you are not agree with terms and condition that are:

  • If you are going to buy the setup make sure the your is 18 or older.
  • You can only have permission to download only one copy of the setup for personal and non commercial use.
  • You can use the setup for any commercial or personal or any public display purpose.
  • All the licence may be terminated by violate any restriction of the office setup.
  • We are not responible for the any damage arises by inability to use of the setup.
  • may changed the any content on the website without any notice.
  • When you subscribe for the pacakage it will automatically terminate after the expired of subscription.
  • For the setup service you need to access the computer with high speed internet to avoid the delays and problems of the setup during subscription.
  • You may pay your bill by credit card, information of any personel data will not disclose in any case in except in case of law. We never store your any information related to your credit card.

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